Maritza’s Essentials



The Epionce hypoallergenic product line is used to restore the natural barrier of the skin. The products we carry are;

Milky Lotion Cleanser

Milky Lotion Cleanser gently dissolves makeup, pollutants, bacteria, dirt particles, and other impurities. This soothing cleanser is effective without harming the skin’s protective barrier and irritating or drying out the skin.

Lytic Gel Cleanser

Lytic Gel Cleanser is formulated to actively remove oils, dead skin cells and help eliminate harmful microbes, while relieving inflammation and smoothing the skin.

Lytic Sport Tx

Lytic Sport Tx is highly effective in treating skin imperfections and improving the skin’s texture and tone for the more active lifestyle. The light-weight formula is created specifically to safely treat very oily, problem adult and teenage skin by eliminating blackheads, whiteheads, pustules and inflamed blemishes.

Renewal Facial Cream

This clinically proven cream luxuriously hydrates your skin while effectively stimulating barrier repair and reversing/preventing release of destructive inflammatory factors. It corrects, prevents and protects your skin’s barrier against the damaging effects of environmental aggressors that cause chronic inflammation.

Renewal Eye Cream

This therapeutic eye cream effectively repairs, soothes, and prevents visible aging of the delicate skin around the eye. The result is youthful, healthy, and beautiful skin.

Medical Barrier Cream

Created for the most sensitive skin types, Epionce Medical Barrier Cream is formulated with powerful complexes that restore the skin barrier. This therapeutic product is ideal for skin that is resistant to the sensitizers and preservatives found in standard moisturizers. Medical Barrier Cream is advanced skin therapy also suited for post-procedure healing and repair.




Latisse is a prescription treatment to help grow eyelashes that are fuller, longer and darker.



Skin Medica

The SkinMedica line of products help restore the skin to its natural health. The products we offer are the;

Retinol 1.0% Serum

Retinol 0.5% Serum helps enhance the texture, skin tone and resiliency of the skin.

TNS Recovery Complex

TNS Recovery Complex is a treatment formula based on your skin’s natural cellular restructuring process. The skin and body regenerate, heal and grow cells, TNS Recovery Complex has identified and isolated the natural elements of the skin that do this and gives your skin back what it has done naturally forever and may need help with as we age. This product has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminish the appearance of age spots and dyspigmentation, improve skin texture, tone and elasticity and reduce roughness and photodamage.


Lytera is a treatment that can help with hyperpigmentation, melasma, age spots, photoaging, “pregnancy mask”, freckles caused by the sun. This product is known for its benefits in skin brightening. Lytera is a non-prescription product that is formulated with highly effective antioxidants and again, helps reduce the appearance of dark spots with continued use.

TNS Eye Repair

TNS Eye Repair is an eye cream, and it helps promote hydration around the eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is safe and gentle enough to apply daily and nightly.

Solar Protection Formula SPF 58

Mineral Block Water Resistant with 10% Titanium Oxide and 3% Zinc Oxide

DermWORX™ Professional Skincare



Unlike traditional oil/liquid Vitamin serums that can oxidize and degrade after opening, CerumWORX is delivered in biodegradable single-use capsules that ensure you get fresh, maximum potency Vitamin C with each application. Key features of CerumWORX Stable 10% Vitamin C + Biopeptides include: Three forms of Vitamin C penetrate, stick & stay on the skin to provide lasting results, Convenient single-use capsules ensure you get fresh product for each application, Vitamin E boosts antioxidant activity, Dual biopeptide technology helps firm the skin and enhance the skin’s natural elasticity, Fragrance free formula.



Viviscal professional Hair Growth Program is a product that contains ingredients from marine extracts. AminoMar C tm, is a marine protein complex and this combined with Biotin and Apple Extract are what make for your hair to fortify and become healthier from within. These are the three ingredients that also set this product ahead of the rest, they work alongside other ingredients as well. In two tablets of the Viviscal (recommended daily for best results) there is Vitamin C, Biotin, AminoMar C tm, Apple Extract powder, L-Cystine, and L-Methionine.

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