Fat Transplantation Surgery (Fat Grafting)
in New Canaan, CT

What is Fat Grafting?Fat Grafting

Also called fat grafting or autologous fat transfer, fat transplantation involves the removal and relocation of the patient’s own body fat to plump up an area of the face. It is a surgical procedure that involves restoring lost volume in the lips, temples, cheeks or chin with the patient’s own fat.

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What Issues Can Fat Grafting Treat?

This procedure is effective in treating sunken areas, facial lines, acne scars and other problems of lost volume that have developed as a result of aging, sun damage and other conditions. Fat transplantation is also commonly used for wrinkle and crease reduction.

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Dr. Perez has been very helpful and professional. She knew exactly how to treat my condition. I have seen great results and have received treatment according to my needs!”

How is Fat Grafting done?

Fat is the best natural filler. Not only is it non-allergenic, but injecting your own fat with primordial stem cells will always be effective at inducing your tissue to produce collagen and elastin.

Are the results of Fat Grafting permanent?

Being that the natural aging process can never be stopped, the results seen from any filler can never be permanent. However, because your body is always producing certain amounts of collagen and elastin, they can be considered semi-permanent.

Is Fat Grafting painful?Set of operations for fat transplantation.

Fat grafting is done by extracting fat from donor areas, such as the flanks, inner thighs, inner knees, and neck. Once the fat has been extracted, it can be injected into your face, the dorsal surfaces of your hands, and even your buttocks. The extraction is done with a mini-liposuction machine and can be expected to feel like any other filler injection.

What is the difference between micro, nano, and brava Fat Grafting?

Micro-grafting, the most common procedure done, involves the delivery of small fat droplets. Nano-grafting, a less effective option, involves manipulated fat. Brava is a system that was invented for the extraction and manipulation of fat used for breast enlargements.

How long does the Fat Grafting procedure take?

All fat injection procedures take a few hours to complete without complications. Potential side effects include: pain, bruising, and lumps appearing at the injection site.

Does Fat Grafting leave scars?

Yes, there can be scars left at the extraction and injection sites.

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